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Would you renew a contract that your supplier does not comply with during the terms of your last contract? It`s not likely. We develop “package services” that easily integrate into the existing software landscape to reduce time and costs. Establishing a complex mix of service contracts that meet conditions such as car warranties or IT services requires flexibility and configurable conditions for coverage requests and billing accuracy. Doing this correctly is a key to maximizing the HANA ROI SAP. Technical and functional migrations cover all phases of the project, from decision-making to planning to implementation; always after the pre-defined delivery time and the budget available to minimize downtime and speed up consulting work. BNB, one of SAP`s leading international consulting firms, covers a wide range of SAP services to transfer value to our customers. We employ qualified SAP technicians with extensive experience in projects in various sectors such as services, manufacturing, GIC, oil and gas, metals, pharmacy, media and technology. Easy-to-understand service contracts with accurate billing will help your business increase renewal rates. B2B services are more likely to implement tailored programs than consumer-focused businesses. When did the customer receive extension notifications? Have they resulted in contract renewals or renewals? Have new services been added? How many notifications did they take place before the end of the sale? Additional services such as on-site inspections, device or software updates, and remote monitoring of networks or electronic devices can also be valuable sources of revenue. In order to provide the required level of performance while automatically generating associated billing and accounting items, it is necessary to take into account several approaches to service contracts: your customers want contracts that are easy to understand and that meet their expected service needs.

But once the contract is signed and the terms are in effect, there are two essential factors: service level agreements, quick response to after-service calls, personal customer service, etc. Whether you are selling products, services or a combination of both, a significant source of income can be realized after the first sale. This can take the form of service contracts or extended warranty programs that add long-term value to customers and maintain their relationship with your customers. My name is Soren. I am the founder of Detering Consulting. I brought the company to life in 2003 because I wanted to offer more value to SAP customers. I knew many of them missed all the great benefits that the software could get. Before creating Detering Consulting, I completed my training with a master`s degree in computer science.

I then worked for 10 years at SAP in Germany and SAP Labs in North America. I have extensive experience in solutions management, project planning and management, implementation services and leadership: Automotive, AD, High Tech, Medical Equipment and Manufacturing Industries.